eReferee Cannot Use The Word Referee

from the that-makes-it-tough dept

A website focusing on sports referees called eReferee has been told they cannot use that domain or any domain or name that use the word referee at all. Even though they’re focused on giving content to referees, it’s apparently Referee Magazine’s trademark. This is silly. Referee is such a common word, I can’t believe someone has the trademark on it. Also, this decision is overturning an original decision of ICANN’s (no one ever thought they really had any power, did they?). The worst part is that now eReferee is having all their traffic redirected to (their new name) and Referee Magazine is pissed off, saying that’s a violation of the ruling and they want money for each day it continues. How the hell else are people going to learn about eReferee’s new name? This is just silly.

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