Blind Protectionism

from the other-methods-should-be-used-against-law-breakers dept

Yahoo has set a slightly alarming precedent: it has decided to change its UK instant messaging software to block users from accessing its US adult chats due to people using IM for child pornography. I, of course, think that everything should be done to prevent people from obtaining child pornography. However, embracing a partisan system for regional Internet users goes against everything that the Internet is based on. It creates a sort of electronic in-equality (dealing with the cause and not the medium)!

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Comments on “Blind Protectionism”

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1 Comment
Jon Kerr says:

No you don't

“I for one believe everything should be done” to stop child pornography? The hell you do. The hell ANYONE does. Remember the child-abuse witchhunts in the daycare industry in the eighties? People’s lives effectively over on the basis of imaginary testimony? Do you want the Child Protector Police making house to house searches and performing summary executions? That’s what this hysteria will lead to. Everybody calm down and let’s talk about things rationally and we’ll actually be able to help these mentally screwed up people. Freaking out and giving away all our freedoms won’t help. People will just find something else to freak out about.

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