Content Is Not King

from the it's-all-about-the-connectivity dept

A very very interesting (though very long) article about how content isn’t king. Instead, it’s connectivity that really drives the internet forward – and that’s where the money is to be made. This doesn’t mean content is dead, but it is worth thinking about the importance of connectivity as well. The article also suggests that this means that the “balkanization” of the net into “walled gardens” (as we’ve discussed here recently) is probably less of a threat than many people believe. Definitely worth reading.

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Comments on “Content Is Not King”

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Phillip says:

Heard it all before

I’ve lost count of the number of articles that claim “content is not king” and that xxx is where the money is to be made (substitute xxx for connectivity, ecommerce, portals, vortals, Internet communities, etc).

The article seems to muddle its premises a lot. He says, “Web was invented to allow scientists to communicate with each other and access data, not for content delivery”. Er no, the web was not invented for communication. The scientists used email and Usenet. And what is content delivery if not allowing people to access data?

He also says, “even if content were king on the Web now, the Web is not king of the Internet”. But the “content is king” phrase was first applied to the web and not the Internet (as far as I know). Hence his following arguments are against a faulty premise


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