Best Job Security In New Media: Keep Switching Jobs

from the moving-up-by-moving-on dept

A new study about jobs in new media suggests that the best way to build your career is to switch jobs often. The study also points out that most people learn their skills by being self taught. Very few relied on classes of any type. My favorite quote from the article points out that: “New-media people almost never move up within a company; they move up by moving on. In most industries, the path would likely lead to a similar role with a competitor. In new media, that’s not the case.” It’s like the Peter Principle gone bezerk. I’ve known a few people who have moved from company to company very quickly. I know one guy who started in an entry level position at an internet startup (which eventually fired him) and within a year and half by moving from company to company (and some creative descriptions of his previous jobs) became VP of Business Development at a different internet company.

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