Customize Your Nikes – But Be Careful What You Say

from the damn-sweatshops dept

For a little while now, Nike has allowed people to create custom shoes on their website. Apparently you can have the shoes say whatever you want, so long as it’s not a trademark, a profanity, or the name of an athlete. Well, now there’s another rule: they can’t say “Sweatshop” in reference to where the shoes will be made. An email exchange between a customer and Nike concerning whether or not Sweatshop can or cannot be put on shoes has been making the rounds.

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Comments on “Customize Your Nikes – But Be Careful What You Say”

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Phillip says:

Thanks to Mark Thomas

This is as a result of the Mark Thomas Comedy Product. He did a show where the usual Nike PR brainwashing tour to young children was turned on its head as the kids were shown what really happens and then encouraged to ask the PR representative why this was allowed to happen. The PR guy got crucified by the kids. The PR guy was then show some of the pictures of trainers the kids had designed… needless to say the colour drained out of his face. Hence the ‘sweatshop’ ban.

For those in the USA, you can think of Mark Thomas as a more cutting and raw version of Michael Moore. My favourite episode is where he went to an arms fair posing as a PR damage limitation guru and got dictators to confess on camera to torture etc which they had denied in writing to the UN. Fantastic stuff.


Alessandra says:

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