Promotions Gone Wrong

from the oops dept

Two news bits (both from the NYTimes) about internet promotions gone wrong. The first is from eCrush (a site that lets you send anonymous notes to someone you have a crush on) who apparently sent out matchbooks inscribed with “stop carrying that torch” to magazines and newspapers. Apparently, it’s illegal to send matches through the mail without properly labeling them. Something to do with them being flammable, I’d guess. Next is about’s mock press release concerning trademarking “:-(” (mentioned here last week). Apparently some of the kiddies over at Slashdot believed the news of the lawsuit and inundated them with angry emails (for the record: two people emailed me thinking it was real as well). However, the article does mention one interesting thing: the trademark is real. requested the trademark as a joke, but got it. The lawsuit, of course, is a joke.

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