Unintended Consequences Of Technology

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An interesting article that talks about the unintended conseques of technology. He makes some good points about unintended consequences from things like microprocessors sucking energy, and antibiotics being overused. Then, he tries to talk about the unintended consequences of the internet, but doesn’t seem to get very far. He talks about how people are starting businesses based on “ideas” rather than “products” and then implies that the internet is also destroying our attention span on some things because they don’t give us enough “information”. For some reason, these don’t strike me as being in the same category as antibiotics no longer being an effective treatment. This is just how people react to an information economy. That’s not an “unintended consequence”. It’s people consciously adjusting to what’s going on in the world.

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Comments on “Unintended Consequences Of Technology”

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1 Comment
Snowed under says:


it seems to me that people ignore information because there is too muchof it rather than because there is too little – that is the consequence of an “information economy”: so much useless crap is made available that people jump at anything that looks as though it may be a summary or not require endless searching and decision making

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