Software Fixes Go Unnoticed

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It’s fairly common for software companies to release security patches and bug updates to their programs. It’s also fairly common for the average user to have no clue that this ever happens. I’ve always been baffled by the fact that software companies do not build in auto-update programs that check for updates once a month, via an Internet connection, if available. This would make life so much easier on the average computer user who will never be able to navigate through some of the confusing support sites out there.

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Comments on “Software Fixes Go Unnoticed”

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Anonymous Coward says:

downsites of auto updates

I would agree with the above posting. I don’t like auto update features because I will never know what data the software really transfers behind my back. There are many examples where all kinds of data have been transfered, from personal user data to registration information, unique identifyers etc.
Brands like RealNetworks, MS etc. all like to know more about us and better control the liscencing of their products. Let’s hope we will still be able to use software without permanent Internet identification.

plastik says:

Disagree sort of...

I know it can be useful, BUT it is also very annoying to have a lttle window popup in the middle of a important game or work or anything else. Then you have to go through bunch of menu’s and windows just to select and say yes, etc. If this were icorporated into programs, it should only do it when the computer is idle, say when a persons asleep. If you have cablemodem, this is easy because your connected 24/7. if you use dialup, it can dialup for you. They should also update without human intervention of course, finding the correct updates for the correct version, etc.

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