TV Show Holds Drive To Fix Broken White House Keyboards

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Rufino Balonglong writes “In reponse to the prank played by Clinton staffers, The Screen Savers, a show on TechTV, is having a drive to collect “W” keys. The show will take the collected “w” keys and present them to the White House.” How nice of them.

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Comments on “TV Show Holds Drive To Fix Broken White House Keyboards”

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1 Comment
jw says:

Keyboard? What's that?

How did they notice? I thought they would be bringing in typewriters!

“Will the highways on the Internet become more few?”
– Concord, N.H., Jan. 29, 2000

“It’s important for us to explain to our nation that life is important. It’s not only life of babies, but it’s life of children living in, you know, the dark dungeons of the Internet.”?Arlington Heights, Ill., Oct. 24, 2000

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