Webvan Goes To The Dogs

from the take-two-bad-ideas-and...? dept

If you’re struggling Webvan and you’re looking to make money, what should you do? Apparently, you should look at the most overhyped business concept that came about last year, and jump right in. That’s right, Webvan is adding a pet store to their offerings. They’re working with Petsmart (one of the few remaining online pet stores) to offer home delivery of the products that no one seemed to want to order online in the first place.

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Comments on “Webvan Goes To The Dogs”

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Pat Castaldo says:

Funny, at first

At first I thought this was the funniest thing ever, all sorts of jokes like “will the puppet drive the van?” came to mind. But upon reflection, this only makes sense.

Don’t most people buy their pet food at the grocery store? The pet sections often take up entire aisles. It makes sense for your “grocery-store-on-wheels” to have the same functionality.

My only question is–why hadn’t they thought of this before?

mhh5 says:

Re: Funny, at first

My only question is–why hadn’t they thought of this before?

I’m probably giving them too much credit, but, maybe they did think of it, then they realized how much competition they’d have, and so they decided not to do it… Now that there’s no more dot-com-petition, they’re in a better position..? 😛

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