The Game Comes To Life

from the do-you-need-to-be-thrilled-that-badly? dept

Somehow I get the feeling this might catch on. If you saw the movie The Game and liked it, get ready for EA’s version of a reality game. Forget reality TV. When you register you give it all sorts of information which can (and will) be used against you later. The game will call you and threaten your life and the lives of family members, among other things. You can set it to alert you that it’s the game calling or emailing – or it can be a total surprise. How soon until the first lawsuit comes about from someone who freaks out playing the game?

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Comments on “The Game Comes To Life”

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1 Comment
Duffman says:

Getting a little too involved?

My first thought when I read this was about the Everquest story on Techdirt a little while ago. How long until people start really believing? If murders can happen out of Sally Jesse Raphael (or whosever show that occurred after) and online suicides on Everquest, while unique, still happen, how long until people start trying to find out who each other is, even tracking them down? Sounds crazy now, but wait and see…

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