IBM Napster-Proofing Music

from the yeah,-right dept

IBM is set to launch their new digital rights management system which they say is Napster proof. How many days until this is broken? It’s not like they can prevent people from listening to the song. If you can hear it, then it can be recorded and copied. At least they admit this to some extent. However, they believe most people will abide by the rules.

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Comments on “IBM Napster-Proofing Music”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

I don't understand

Okay, so they think they’ve made a workable copy-protection scheme. It may or may not be easy to crack. So what? The question is not will people crack it, it’s will people use it. They are assuming Napster will go away, which is valid, but then they further assume that they can convince people to use their crippled version when marketplace is moving toward more powerful Napster clones. Why would anyone want music with an expiration date when you can get the exact same song as an mp3? The technology’s already here, am I going to downgrade my software?

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