OS X: Thinking Too Differently

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Okay, I can’t resist the opportunity to see what my Mac-loving friends will do if I post two somewhat (though not really) anti-Mac stories in one day… Business Week points out that Mac fans are not at all impressed with OS X. At Macworld they apparently cheered for cool things like new hardware, but were deathly silent when it came to the new operating system. That can’t be a good sign.

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Comments on “OS X: Thinking Too Differently”

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1 Comment
mhh5 says:

Silence != death (in this case!)

Admittedly, there are a lot of things for your “average” mac user to fear with OSX… As I have commented on before here on techdirt, M$ is marketing a ‘new’ Mac-friendly M$Office, and I think _that_ is enough to make mac users fear for Apple! The user interface is everything. And it’s all going to change. And it’s going to look even more distinct from MS products. That could be bad…. (or not…!)

But on the other hand, I think OSX will still be ‘Mac-like’ in its user-friendliness — so I think it’ll be easier to go from MasOS->OSX than MacOS->Windoze. And from what I’ve seen from the OSX beta and reviews, it’ll be a “good” change.

And if it really doesn’t work, there will probably be a “MacOS9” skin that someone will slap on top of Darwin to put people’s interface worries to rest.

Fundamentally, I think OSX is a good move for apple. Everyone predicts doom and gloom for apple all the time. I doubt this is the end of apple. They’ve been in worse shape before…

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