Microsoft And Starbucks Team Up

from the who-really-cares dept

Microsoft and Starbucks have announced they are working together to bring wireless Internet access to Starbuck locations around the country. The network will use the MobileStar wireless system and will allow Starbuck patrons to look up information on the arts and shop online. Am I missing something, or is this a non-event? My local McDonald’s has Internet access now, so who cares that Starbucks will as well?

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Comments on “Microsoft And Starbucks Team Up”

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Gene says:


This merger between Microsoft & Starbucks…well…smell like a bad cup of coffee. I WAS a registered user of the Starbucks site, now I cannot get near it if I dson’t sign up for Morctosoft’s Passport! That REALLY bothers me! With cookies turned off I can’t get past the
Passport logo page…and that’s using my ‘standard’ Starbucks bookmark.
I think this new merger stinks!

You know, I think it’s very ironic, here’s Starbucks BOASTING of it’s
support of FAIR TRADE coffees and then they team up with a company found to be in violation of fair trade practices!

Very odd!

No more Starbux for me.

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