Japanese Cell Phones To Receive Digital TV Broadcasts

from the convergence dept

According to a report, the Japanese government is supporting a proposal to require mobile phones to have the ability to received digital TV signals. While I definitely think it’s a cool concept, I’m still confused as to how big the market is for people who want to watch television on their mobile phone.

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Comments on “Japanese Cell Phones To Receive Digital TV Broadcasts”

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1 Comment
Lalala says:

Re:Japan Telecom and DB

Actually, it’s difference in economy. Asian
countries have state-led economies which make
decisions which would not be acceptable by
private-led economies viable. At least telecom
industry seems to benefit from state led economy
structure. Just have a look at South Korea and
some European countries. They couldn’t have achie-
ved their current status in telecom industry with a pure market economy.

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