Board Games Making A Comeback

from the anyone-up-for-a-game-of-Risk? dept

Apparently, board games are making a big comeback. The article credits two main factors to the resurgence: (1) nostalgia and (2) internet backlash. People who grew up with board games are rediscovering them (just as I recently rediscovered Risk – a game that was known to destroy friendships many years ago). Also, people are trying to log off from computers and do things face-to-face with humans again. Of course, part of me is just wondering why people don’t log in to some gaming website and just play those games online (that’s a joke for those readers who like to freak out when I say something like that). Actually, I think the whole “logging off from a computer” idea sounds good, but probably really isn’t that much of an influencer in the board game resurgence. There are plenty of things to do that don’t involve a computer, and not all of them have “resurged”.

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Comments on “Board Games Making A Comeback”

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3 Comments says:

Re: Personally...

oh yeah?
well i went sledding down a big dam today, then ice skating on a frozn pond, then drinking at a local bar, all before setting down to a nice game of roll-the-dice risk with the old friends. I did yearn, though, for the 5-games-of-risk-in-one-night that used to provoke *real* s houting matches between ==mhh5 and i….
the south shall rise again??? only in wintertgie.

Karl Musser (user link) says:

another reason for board game comeback

There has also been a steady stream of excellent new board games coming out of Germany for the last 5 years – starting with Settlers of Catan – and I think these are beginning to trickle into the mainstream. Generally they are much better than the likes of Monopoly and Risk (more player interaction and usually play in under an hour). I’ve been hosting a “game night” for over three years and I can’t imagine getting the same atmosphere or level of interaction on the Internet.

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