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from the its-happened-before----it-will-happen-again dept executives have finally admitted that there was a break-in to their systems and that it is quite possible, and likely, that the intruders gained access to the over 3.7 million customer records, including credit card data. I find it interesting that the majority of the news stories are focusing on the credit card data. That, to me, is the least of the problems. If someone takes my credit card number, great, I’ll just get a new one and although it’s inconvenient, I’m not all that worse off than before. But, what I don’t want is someone having access to my password, home address, various phone numbers, etc… That is far more alarming to me than the credit card theft angle.

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1 Comment
Dan Miller (profile) says:

Egghead sends an email

Last night I received a mass mailing email from the CEO of Someone in their marketing department really should have used their brain a little bit before sending this out. It came from their “specials” email account, which quite frankly, usually just gets deleted when I get it. They should have setup a special address that was a little more descriptive in nature. The content of the note was also fairly useless, but at least they sent it.

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