Inside The Collapsing Kibu

from the girl-power dept

I usually don’t post stories that are a few days old, but I just came across the following insider’s view of Kibu. It’s astounding. I cannot believe this company got as far as it did. I also take back earlier statements I made concerning Kibu and how they must have been smart enough to figure out how to do something with their money. While the story is from a disgruntled fired employee, I’m still amazed. It’s an example of the worst of dot com stupidity. Of course, most dot coms are not like this – but too many have elements of that culture in them.

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Comments on “Inside The Collapsing Kibu”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

Good article

This doesn’t sound like an embittered employee at all. In fact, if she hadn’t mentioned that she had been “unhired” (that word made me laugh every time I read it) at the end of the story, I would’ve thought she went down with the ship right at the end. Very interesting play by play of the company. I think she’s right about too much of the rah-rah attitude and not enough rah-rah business plan – I was beginning to think that businesses that have little to do with tech were even heading this way before last April, with everyone flying high on the markets.

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