Surviving Dot Com Lay-Offs

from the Laid-Off-And-Bitter dept

When is “our” generation supposed to just accept the fact that we’re merely corporate mercenaries? There are plenty of stories going around about dot com’s folding. Well, here’s another sob story — but from the point of view of a laid-off worker. “Our” generation is supposed to change careers several times, but does it ever get easy for us?

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Comments on “Surviving Dot Com Lay-Offs”

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1 Comment
Ryan says:

No Subject Given

We?re working on Internet time, they assured us. The same rules don?t apply in the New Economy, they told us. We know what we?re doing, they said. Trust us, they said.

Gotta love those buzzwords being thrown around. Seriously, this was interesting article. It made me wonder if this is how ‘low-tech’ workers felt when their jobs started to be replaced by automation or they were just laid off in the early 90s, and if the same techniques and phrases were employed then.

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