Can You Build A Glitch-Free Computer

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Is it possible to build a glitch-free computer? Apparently, scientists at NASA are working on the problem, though many people are telling them they’re crazy. While I have trouble believing that there could be an entirely glitch-free computer, I’m hoping that maybe some of the work they do will help lead to systems that are orders of magnitude less prone to annoying and pointless glitches.

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Comments on “Can You Build A Glitch-Free Computer”

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Ryan says:

Not going to happen

I think the idea is great, and that is one of the reasons that the term “software engineeer” has become so popular – in the literal sense of the phrase, it’s a software developer applying strict(er) principles to create a better product. However, programs are getting to be so complex these days, it is basically impossible to create a glitch-free product. Even if it is glitch-free (in one sense), it may not interact well with other programs. I’ve heard of implementations of two perfect programs that became close to hell on earth because they just wouldn’t integrate for whatever reasons. Granted, open source may be helping this out somewhat, allowing developers to study other products for better integration, but with users getting more and more demanding and reverse engineering now illegal, it’s only going to get worse.

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