Only The Good (Sites) Die Young?

from the what-are-they-talking-about? dept

Wired has an article making fun of some companies that have put out e-commerce guides. Those guides have a bunch of dot coms that have recently gone out of business. The part that they find weird is that some of the highly rated sites are going out of business as well. Of course, they don’t say how many of the poorly rated sites are going out of business also. I find it amusing that they point out how ZDNet, CNet, and mySimon all only list “items” instead of “sites” for this year’s shopping guides. Did it occur to anyone at Wired that all three of these sites are the same company (though they are run by different people)? Plus, all three are designed to send shoppers to whatever site gives them the best deal as opposed to just a single “recommended” merchant.

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Comments on “Only The Good (Sites) Die Young?”

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Ryan says:

Taking a break

With the new technology we could work from (vacation). That was a godsend two years ago. Today it’s the American nightmare.

I agree a lot with this comment from the article. I think people are finally realizing that a person is only capable of so much before they explode. As demands increase, so do the stress. I love my work and all, but when I go home, I’m home. A friend of mine refused a free cell phone with free service (it wasn’t mandatory to take it) from his workplace because he knew they would use it to get ahold of him at home. That’s the draw for companies – you can’t ignore a cell phone, or at least, if you do it too often, people begin to catch on. I currently work in a building that does not allow cell phones or beepers, and it sure is nice not to hear the chirping of 40 different rings every other minute, like I do on the bus on the way home. Give my less efficiency and more relaxation any time.

With regards to the rest of the article, I think email is OK for most things, but saying really bad things to a significant other (by accident) and then trying to make up for it all over email is terrible. Absolutely horrible – don’t ever do it. There’s just some things a face-to-face, or even a phone call, or even a card, will just never replace.

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