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Jay Walker Under Investigation For Labor Violations

from the kick-'im-while-he's-down dept

Jay Walker has not had a good few months. His companies are falling apart. There are investigations galore about the promises his company made. His net worth is dropping like crazy. His magic touch is disappearing. And, now, he’s under investigation for labor violations. It seems like it’s really a technicality, but you have to wonder if he’s cursed in some way. Even William Shatner won’t use his services… Maybe Priceline needs new commercials with Jay Walker singing the blues.

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Comments on “Jay Walker Under Investigation For Labor Violations”

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1 Comment
Ed says:


I beg to differ — not providing sufficient notice when laying off a large number of workers (what would be considered a ‘factory closing’ under the law, I guess) is not a technicality to the hundred or so people affected.

I guess there’s an assumption built into the law that a business large enough to be affected by it will be run responsibly and won’t rise and fall on a schedule timed in days or weeks, but that was before the dot-com boom/bust cycle.

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