Dot Com Union Organizing Is Contagious

from the oh-no!--run!--unions!-- dept

An amusing article over at where they appear to freak out about the recent union organizing attempt at and warn that union organizing within dot coms can be contagious. They suggest ways that dot com management can prepare themselves in order to ward off the evil curse of unionization. Perhaps they should start by not automatically thinking of unions as evil “virus-like” creatures. Of course, that would be too difficult. Anyway, it appears that the management at eTown did not read the article because the evil virus has already spread there.

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Comments on “Dot Com Union Organizing Is Contagious”

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Ryan says:


I think that there is an assumption that the New Economy is perfect to all it’s employees, that they’re as happy as anything. Unfortunately, it comes back to the greed thing – (almost) everyone wants the most they can get. The four points at the end of the article are very important (how to help ‘avoid’ union organization, the most important being “Treat employees as you would want to be treated.” Duh – weren’t we taught this in kindergarten?), but in the end, the business will always try and do what’s best for the business, and employees will always want what’s best for the employees – it’s the same all over. I’m not a big fan of unions myself, but that’s more because of the human element of them (laziness and greed of the people involved) – I do believe they’re needed. Both of my parents are union workers, and when push comes to shove, the union has helped them both out, where they would have been screwed if there had been no union. I think, however, that the important issue comes down to just having management treating the employees right. Most people will not complain if they are treated in a fair and respectful manner, and that’s the key to a healthy workplace, unionized or not.

Arieh Lebowitz says:

How to get info on unionizing efforts at ""

Just in case you missed this reply “elsewhere.”

A great way to get news on what unionization efforts there are at and for “” workers is to try these two websites:
and for US specific info

as well as trying

and plugging in “labor” and seeing what news articles appear at the top of the search respopnse list, and then doing the same, after perusing the articles, with “union” and then the same with “workers.”

You’d be amased what you’ll find.

The AFL-CIO website as well as

as well as

are all places with worthwhile information.

Please let me know if the above is helpful.
And feel free to share it with others!
>> Arieh L.

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