Yet Another Napster Lawsuit

from the morons-and-their-lawyers dept

I’ve been ignoring most of the latest anti-Napster hype, but reading this article just pushed me over the edge. A record producer is now suing Napster and Bertelsmann for destroying his record label. Look, if you can’t figure out how to run a successful business on your own, don’t go running off suing companies that have been more successful than you. That’s like me trying to start up a hamburger joint and then suing McDonalds for being better and more efficient at it than I am. Anyway, as it’s been made clear many times, Bertelsmann doesn’t complete the deal until after Napster creates a subscription service, so there’s little to show what Bertelsmann has done wrong so far. I also like how he demanded to see what “profits” both companies have made from trading “infringed” titles. I’d guess this guy woke up to file trading yesterday because there have been no profits at all from this stuff. That’s the idea…

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