Sega Sticks Its Tongue Out At Sony

from the interesting-advertising-ideas dept

Sega’s new advertising campaign mainly involves making fun of Sony for their supply shortage of new PS2 machines. They sent out postcards suggesting their “deepest condolences” at Sony’s shipping problems. Looks like advertisers are starting to take a page out of politicians’ “dirty campaign tricks” books. How long until Sega demands a manual recount of official sales totals to see who’s selling more game machines?

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Comments on “Sega Sticks Its Tongue Out At Sony”

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u2604ab says:

No Subject Given

Remember Apple’s “Toasted” campaign (to jog your memory, check×480/Apologize640x480.jpg)? Making fun of your commercial rivals is nothing new.

Did anyone follow the link at the end of the article for the “Water Balloon Launcher?” I think any device that hurtles water balloons so fast (75mph) that the manufacturer warns you never to launch them at people destroys the essence of water balloons. What the hell are you supposed to launch water balloons at if not people?

mhh5 says:

Re: taunting your competition....

What you really need to be careful of, though, is incurring the wrath of your competition. While it’s funny for you to tease your competition when they’re down, you’d better be able to beat them later or else you’re in for a beating. Look at the Apple “toasted” example. Now Intel boasts 1GHz processors, and Apple hasn’t progressed that far from it’s original G4 speeds. Who’s laughing now?

Apple under Jobs says:

Re: Re: taunting your competition....

1) After the toasted ad, the bunnies vanished….never to be seen in ads again. So the ad had an effect.

2) Jobs told Motorola “It will be great in 2 years when we won’t be using thier chips”. Why should Motorola work hard to help Jobs/Apple?

Apple has burned itself in the past, and will in the future….that has not changed.

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