Psst, Wanna Satellite?

from the very-expensive-cool-toys dept

No, I’m no talking about Iridium. Just turn to One Stop Satellite Solutions Inc. to get your very own mini-satellite. Apparently they plan to launch many small satellites using Russian nuclear missiles. So for about $45,000 you can buy your own satellite. I’m not sure if free shipping is included.

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Comments on “Psst, Wanna Satellite?”

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Ryan says:

Yet another poke at .coms

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist, it was just the first thought I had after reading the article:

Twiggs said his minisatellites are a valuable tool, even if their utility is not yet clear.

Wow! Sounds like a .com startup!

“To me, it’s kind of like the Internet. What could you do with the Internet five years ago?”

Yep, the internet was pretty clear five years ago, too. If this is the comparison, when we look up in five years, will the sky be cluttered with useless junk?

Ryan says:

Really, though...

I think having your own satellite would be cool, even though you couldn’t really do anything useful with it, and it would be too small to show your friends through your home telescopt. The medical idea mentioned in the article is probably the best idea, IMHO. And I suppose that there’s the few mad scientists who would want their remains to orbit the earth for the rest of time. If I was a .com billionaire, I’d part with $45,000, because when you’re that rich, you can do it just because.

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