Trade Or Pay

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ETrade announced they will start charging some customers a quarterly fee if they don’t trade or have a minimum balance. This sounds like a good move if you want to piss off customers you originally attracted by saying trading would be cheap and easy and fun. Doesn’t sound so fun or cheap anymore, does it? I guess amateur investors were catching on to the fact that frequent trading isn’t such a great investment strategy for everyone.

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Comments on “Trade Or Pay”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

Reap what you Sow...

About a year ago, E*Trade was giving away up to $400 in purchase credit at a computer store, simply for opening an account with $1000 and keeping it open for a year. I’m sure they now have a lot of inactive accounts, including mine. I’m also pretty sure that a lot of these accounts will get closed in the next few months, making this yet another pointless exercise in growing your so-called customer lists by throwing cash at them, and wondering why they don’t really have any loyalty.

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