Dot Com Shakeout May Help VCs

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Back in April as the dot com downturn started I pointed out that VCs were actually happy about it since they had a lot of cash and it would allow them to force lower valuations on their investments. It only took seven months for someone else to notice that as well. I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how the venture capital industry is forced to change over the next year or so. They have a lot more money and fewer chances of making money, so they’re going to start making some bigger bets to protect the few companies they believe in. I think it may open up more space for smaller investors to take more risks, though many of those investors have been running scared due to inexperience. So, I think we need smaller investors who are more willing to support companies as they grow, rather than force them to sell out as quickly as is humanly possible.

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Comments on “Dot Com Shakeout May Help VCs”

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Ryan says:

Or better businesses

They could look for smaller businesses with a bit more risk…or they could look for entrepreneurs with solid business plans and a marketable product, at least one better than, say, “The number one barbeque supplies supplier on the Net!” (this was real). I enjoy shopping on the net for some stuff, but to me, there are some things which make sense (books, video games, auctioning) and those that don’t (I don’t think pet food works that well, or cars, or a living room set, or barbeque supplies, or anything that you can hop over to Walmart and pick up now instead of waiting for two weeks and paying shipping). Maybe people will start thinking before they approach a VC with an idea to sell fresh lettuce anywhere in the world over the internet based in Detroit.

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