The Next Great Power: AOL?

from the say-it-ain't-so dept

Here’s an article predicting that AOL is positioning itself to topple Microsoft as the technology company just as Microsoft toppled IBM a few years back. Of course, the rest of us will continue to go about our business ignoring both of these companies. I have to admit, I still don’t understand why anyone uses AOL. Microsoft definitely had more of a monopoly in terms of choices (yes, there are/were plenty of other choices, but all of them have their problems), but who actually needs AOL?

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Comments on “The Next Great Power: AOL?”

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1 Comment
Spaz (user link) says:


AOL is for the masses of techno-illiterate grandmas and horny teen chatters. What is AOL? Well…for starts, it is huge, where else can you chat to 60+ people in your own city [yes, I have used AOL in the *past*]. Because of the bignicity, they can offer spam…ewww, but when ‘You’ve got mail’ rings…you feel like you have a crappy service for a reason. AOL is good for? Web? Nah…but psudeo-web, where content is filtered and windowized, like their keyword feature stuffs. AOL is good for email? Hell yeah, only have to type in biguns4u insteal of the dang….uhh, circle ‘a’ thing that is hard to type. [comment: it is called an ‘at’, above the two created by pressing two w/ the shift depressed]. AOL? Here to stay?? Ohh yeah, if you ever saw a future movie…IE Starship Troopers, their video-telephone service [althogh crappy in the movie but maybe due to the planet being attacked] was done by AT&T [use to work for them]. AT&T is a huge power now, and will stay according to the future movies. AOL will be doing our video phones the gadget magazines told me about that would be here at the dawn of the new century…..

enough…..of my post. -SpaZ

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