Smart Biz: Enabling the Disabled

from the design-actually-matters dept

pheloxi writes in to complain about how a lot of websites don’t care much about how their design effects users (I’m not sure if he was suggesting that Techdirt has that problem as well). He also complains that in this day and age, if you have bad website design people will leave your site very quickly. Then, there is also a link to a good article over at Wired about how businesses are finding it cost effective to design sites for the disabled. I apologize if I did a bad job paraphrasing pheloxi comments, but even he admitted that his English was questionable.

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Comments on “Smart Biz: Enabling the Disabled”

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pheloxi says:

Smart Biz: Enabling the Disabled

TechDirt is very readable and I join reading it each day. 6 thumbs up (5 is max. LOL)

I added the URL’s to make web designers more aware and more time for design and less time needed for research. Any web designer who needs visual check just e-mail. The bill I send will be reasonable.

TechDirt continue the spreading the Tech Dirt.


P.S. when will you choose the tagline?

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