Directory Sites Need Search Engines

from the uh,-wait,-is-it-1995-again? dept

In a bizarre study that I don’t fully understand, a company has stated that pure directory sites are likely to fail. How should those directory sites fix things up? Add a search engine, the study claims. This was the point where I said to myself, “what the hell are they talking about?”. What directory doesn’t have a search engine? So, I went and looked at the “examples” in the article. The first one doesn’t show up at all, so apparently they took the survey a little too seriously. The other sites don’t strike me as “directories” at all. In fact, one is The Gap’s site, and another is focused on selling sneakers. I get the feeling whoever did this study doesn’t exactly know what a directory is. Of course, don’t even get me started on the prospects of the sites they list for successfully getting beyond the “directory” category.

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