Autonomous Elves

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When people used to talk about artificial intelligence, I always pictured little autonomous programs running around and doing things for people. Instead, all I started hearing about was “shopping bots” and other search engines, that aren’t quite as impressive as the AI I was thinking about. Apparently, other people thought the same thing. Some researchers are testing out autonomous “assistant” programs called Elves. They sound pretty cool, though they still have a few bugs that need to be worked out (there’s an example of an Elf cancelling an important meeting to discuss next year’s funding for the Elves own project). Maybe someday soon I’ll be able to let an Elf go out and write Techdirt for me.

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Comments on “Autonomous Elves”

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mhh5 says:

more privacy issues and security concerns....

I think these “elves” are what “the MSpaperclip” was/is supposed to become. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a neat idea, but since people can’t get VCR, cell phone or car radio interfaces right, what makes them think ‘elves’ will be any better?

When I envisioned AI, I thought they would be more like “advisors” than “assistants.” I’m for the “opt-in” AI — I think AI should recommend actions, but not act unless directed to.

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