How Employees Waste Their Time On The Web

from the ah,-useful-stats dept

We all know that employees surf the web for non-work purposes, but now we’ve got some stats to back it up. Leading the list, 72% of people surfed for the latest news. I actually don’t think this can necessarily be considered non-work usage, as news can often be helpful to your job (depending on what you do, of course). Some interesting other results included the 37% who use the web to find themselves another job and the 4% who make sure they get their work-related porn needs fulfilled. The article lists other non-work destinations and stats as well.

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Comments on “How Employees Waste Their Time On The Web”

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mhh5 says:


So what *are* people supposed to use the web at work for? Has anyone done a study about what people use their office PHONE for? Let’s see: 75% of workers use their office phone for finding a new job, 100% of workers use their office phone for non-work-related activites…. If a company doesn’t want their employees to use the web, then they shouldn’t give it to them!

Blue Blaze Fedora says:

netsurfing at work.

These stats are pointless. If you queried the same people from the first surveys and instead asked them what non-work stuff they could GET AWAY WITH on the web at work, they numbers would be identical. Let’s face it, if the firewall didn’t block it, I’d be playin’ online Quake! Or trying to meet women, or whatever. As it is, mostly only the news sites are unblocked.

Spaz (user link) says:

lazy employees

I was a System Admin for my 400+ users….and 90% of them surfed the web for …sports, news, and flash games. I too surfed the web for everything, but I was behind closed doors w/ little work…..which I took that time and started a biz in my closet. To fix the ‘wasted web’ you have to set the firewall to allow only two sites, and This way, no one can go ANYWHERE. We watched cartoons by streaming cartoon network from a remote station, watch MSNBC news [realtime before they pulled it] and ICQed everyone.

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