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Amazon Not Buying Into This Consolidation Business

from the leave-us-alone dept

Amazon is not looking to buy any of its smaller competitors. I actually think this is a smart move. Most of those competitors are killing themselves anyway, so there’s no point in “taking them off the market”, and Amazon’s brand is pretty good by itself. These are the same points that had me wondering why Barnes and Noble bought Fatbrain last month.

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Comments on “Amazon Not Buying Into This Consolidation Business”

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1 Comment
Rustin (user link) says:

They bought fatbrain for their customers

They probably didn’t overpay that much when you consider how expensive Amazon has made it to acquire customers in the book space.

It seems Barnes is doing the only thing they can do… try to dominate their niche market… books… while Amazon diverts its attention to developing its other businesses.

Not passing judgement on it… just how I see it.

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