Google Sells Ads….

from the ads---fuel-to-the-fire dept

This is not a big surprise really. But I think it’s interesting that Google is selling adspace according to keywords. As anyone can predict, ‘sex’ will be the most profitable word for them. But what comes after sex? (Smoking, ha, ha.) And I wonder how Yahoo feels about this….

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Comments on “Google Sells Ads….”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: I'm sure...

Yeah, I don’t see what this has to do with Yahoo at all… I think they’re very different audiences, and Google’s been selling ads for a while now. I don’t see them “competing” at all. I mean, Yahoo certainly knows they’re in a very different business than Google (which is why they *use* Google in the first place) and I doubt it will have any effect on Yahoo’s revenue at all.

mhh5 says:

Re: Re: Re: I'm sure...

Ok maybe I’m just slow. While I agree Google and Yahoo have very different businesses, I’m not sure their “audiences” are “very different.” Please explain the difference in audiences. But maybe you think this is like radio advertizing on TV and vice versa….? In any case, I predict Yahoo and Google will merge at some point. Call me crazy, but I don’t think they’ll be able to live without each other fairly soon….

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