The Slashdot Hangover Effect

from the what-happened dept

It’s now been a week since we got Slashdotted for our CEATEC photos and some folks have been asking about the Slashdot effect. So, here’s my wrapup. First off, as far as I can tell the site never went down (phew). In fact most people reported no problems whatsoever. Traffic to the front page increased about 4 or 5 times our normal daily visits on that day. Traffic to the CEATEC page was about 4 times as high as that. I didn’t receive any hate mail. I received quite a few nice emails telling me that they liked the site, and a few that had minor suggestions for improvements (thanks!). I also received one absolutely ridiculous and insulting offer from someone who wanted to buy Techdirt (no, it’s not for sale). Weekend traffic was about double what it usually is, and regular traffic seems to have settled in this week at about 25% over what we were at the last couple of weeks. The Friday spike caused me to use significantly more bandwidth than I’m allowed, but it’s all been worked out. There was a day or so of fear based on my own personal stupidity in calculating how much the extra bandwidth would cost (note: keep track of the decimal point when doing math) but it’s all good now.

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Comments on “The Slashdot Hangover Effect”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: My $5 offer was resonable

Heh. At some point, *anything* is pretty much available for sale, but my point is that I’m not actively looking to sell, nor do I ever expect to sell it, and I highly doubt that one day someone is going to come along and make me an offer at a price that would knock me off my feet such that I would consider selling. Hey, if you want offer me three million… well… we can talk about it. 🙂

Actually, it wasn’t so much the money that was involved in the “offer” (though it was fairly low), but the tone and the wording of the offer as well.

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