Drowning In Information

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As if you couldn’t have figured this one out on your own. The average person today is drowning in information overload and there are very few tools to help people stay afloat. Of course, I’d like to think Techdirt is helping some people stay afloat on important business/techie news stories, but that’s just to satisfy my ego. I do think that there are a bunch of companies out there that are trying to work on the issue of information overload (I keep hearing about more of them). The question really is whether or not any of them will work. Part of me suspects that it’s really more of a human issue than a technical one: how well are people trained to handle this much information? Update: Just came across another article about a company working on an information overload solution.

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Comments on “Drowning In Information”

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John says:

No Subject Given

Yes, I would also say that Techdirt provides a tool to handle the information overflow. Instead that the techdirt user analyses all important news by himself, he/she just scans through the summaries of the “most important” information of that day and reads those that are relevant to him/her. Therefore Techdirt’s task is finding those “most important” information. How successful techdirt is in doing so depends on the quality of its analysis itself and on the amount of information techdirt covers in its analysis (e.g. the information sources Techdirt includes in its search for new posting content)

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