Blackberry isn?t THAT Special

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Okay, so the Blackberry is always on which is handy but the actual device isn’t in my opinion even a full product. Now that I’ve discriminated against the device that some execs swear to, I’m going to have to explain. The attraction of the Blackberry is primarily that it is always on (as well as that handy keypad) but it’s too limited. It’s a proof of concept; now all some company has to do is integrate this type of service with a PDA to induce the US mass market into adopting wireless instant messaging (we currently do it in Europe using SMS).

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Comments on “Blackberry isn?t THAT Special”

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Marty Jemison says:

Blackbury + Psion or Diamond Mako

The solution as I see it would be a Psion/Diamond product with the “always on” capabilities that the blackbury has.

I have traveled 250 days/year throughout europe with a Psion 5 + irf Ericsson sh888. I am able to access my e-mail from wherever I am and brief visits to some websites…. type with a full keyboard ( I am as fast on it now as with a full keyboard) The connection without wires is great -‘infrared’ . NOW if Psion had the “always on” feature it would ROCK the world!!!! Personally I think it is comming. S3 will be distributing the Diamond Mako starting today 10/16/00 it seems to be a new Psion Revo. Buy this in the US and connect with an i888 Ericsson and a GSM cell contract (Verizon or other). Check out the S3 website:

Get used to this great mobile warrier e-mail solution and wait patiently for the ” always on”

my opinions/experience only,


Miguel Marcos says:

Depends on the individual

I’m not running to the nearest store to get one of the Blackberries. However, there is a certain type of individual who really benefits from this device (exclusively) because it’s always on and the ability to reply; these people range from desktop/server support types to executives who need to know things fast. This kind of individual doesn’t really care about having the contacts or calendar available necessarily. As a matter of fact, some Blackberry users I know have a Blackberry and a Pilot! I remember seeing one support person in a meeting typing like mad with their thumbs into their Blackberry (this was the pager sized model) and I just couldn’t figure out how someone could live with a device that has such poor ergonomics. Me? I’d never bother but I have neither the need nor desire for ‘always on’. For me, the Pilot, or the Visor with the Springboard modules, are much more interesting and useful devices.

Ryan says:

Re: Depends on the individual

I have to adimt that always on really does appeal to me. Particularly, because I have a fair amount of down time when I’m travelling around London. Currently, my phone and palm seem to fill the gaps but I’d love to be able to do all things with one device (although I have to admit I don’t know what will win, a converged phone or a converged PDA. The question is probably an academic one as they probably have similar functions.

ScooterBoy says:

i love my blackberry

aside from melding my blackberry with my cell phone, i really can’t think of any other functionality that i want in it.

my blackberry has essentially replaced my palm (which i never really used that much anyway). having email access anywhere i go is really the ‘killer app’ of wireless, imho.

i mean, if i wanted instant messaging, i’d just pick up the phone and call them… email is much better — i have enough interrupt driven features in my life already.


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