Craig Barrett Talks About The Market

from the all-you-people-are-crazy dept

Intel’s CEO Craig Barrett is apparently baffled at investors these days. He makes some very good points about why investors and analysts are overreacting. A lot of the companies that are getting trashed these days are still doing quite well. Technology is still growing like crazy, and there’s plenty of room for more growth. However, we live in a world of extremes these days, and if it’s not all “good”, I guess it has to be all “bad”. I agree with a lot of what he has to say. Here’s the part that scares me: the “up” market was based on a lot of the same hype in reverse. So, while everyone knew it was crazy, they still supported it. What if the same thing happens for the “down” market? I’m less sure it will because (1) the fundamentals of technology helping the economy are still there and (2) losing a lot of money is a lot less fun than making a lot of money – so people may be less willing to “support” the down market.

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