Imagine The Revenue On An Email Tax!

from the Ha,-fooled-you! dept

You can’t believe everything you read. The Turkish Stud was a hoax. Neither Microsoft nor Disney will pay you anything to forward a chain letter. Cookie recipes are not worth >$100. And the government is not going to tax your email. Although the post office might charge to print it out for you….

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Comments on “Imagine The Revenue On An Email Tax!”

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1 Comment
Mike (profile) says:

Yeah, but the interesting part...

The fact that the email tax is bogus is old news. I mean, come on, that’s been a known hoax for way too long.

What’s *interesting* about that article is that it made it into a Senate race debate and the moderator, and both of the candidates (including one who should have known – considering all the alerts to Congress about this) had no idea it was false.

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