Jurvetson Sounds Desperate

from the calm-down dept

Steve Jurvetson has been one of the stars of the venture capital community (“he discovered Hotmail!” as they always point out). He’s a very smart guy, and I usually enjoy the columns he writes. However, his latest, starts out interesting, but gets weird very quickly. At the beginning, the article discusses why web companies that focus on enterprises are doing well, while the old enterprise software companies are getting killed. It makes some interesting points on the differences in client-server and web-based software design, and why it’s not so easy to just “web-ify” a client server application. However, then, the article just seems to turn into a pitch for every company that he’s invested in (including one I used to work for), even if it doesn’t seem to fit. I understand that he’s trying to promote his companies, but it comes off so transparently, it’s annoying. I’d feel better about Jurvetson’s companies if I didn’t think he needed to hype them up so much.

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