Baseball Playoffs And Silicon Valley

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Okay, so it’s not really a techie article, but here’s a suggestion from a Silicon Valley writer to skip out on work for a few days to go watch some of the baseball games. Both of the Bay Area teams are in the playoffs (as are, I should mention, both of the New York teams – and as a transplanted NYer in Silicon Valley I’m enjoying it). Personally, I skipped out on the entire afternoon to watch the Yankees crush the A’s, and I think I’ll be much more productive tomorrow for it. The article does make some amusing points trying to relate baseball to Silicon Valley, but that’s just silly.

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Comments on “Baseball Playoffs And Silicon Valley”

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Ed says:

Sporting Events

Ok, it’s somewhat of a stretch to relate this to the topic, but I noticed that there’s a drive to bring the Olympics to the Bay Area in 2012.

While that would be nice (assuming I’m still here), it seems that by 2012 the Bay Area will be so completely overcrowded that we’ll probably have round-the-clock traffic jams on any normal day of the week, never mind during any special events with a lot of visitors.

So what’s traffic like at a playoff game?

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Sporting Events

Re: So what’s traffic like at a playoff game?

Um… bad. We only made it to the game on time because I watched the news the night before and saw the long lines of cars trying to find parking and people waiting to pick up tickets (apparently some people waiting in lines over an hour long to pick up their tickets, and some people couldn’t actually get into the game until the 6th or 7th innings)… And, since I get obsessive about these things I convinced my friends to leave work really early, and then showed up at their offices even earlier than planned to convince them to leave even earlier… Then we still sat in traffic forever. The only thing that wasn’t that bad was parking, but when I went to see the Yankees play the A’s back in August, we didn’t get in until the fourth inning due to parking problems.

So, no, I don’t want to think about what an Olympics in the Bay Area would mean for traffic. It would be horrible. I think it would probably be time for a two week vacation. Of course, in 12 years, we may still be in the middle of that predicted “internet depression” and the area will be a ghost town anyway… 🙂

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