Even In Silicon Valley Women Are Searching For Men With Earning Potential

from the sickening dept

Well, I’d really like to believe this isn’t as prevalent as the article makes it sound, but apparently, even in these good economic times, many women in Silicon Valley are still looking to snare a husband with “earning potential”. Of course, there are no hard facts in the article, just anecdotes. I can support it with an anecdote of my own. Just a few days ago a friend was complaining to me that her silly roommate just started dating a guy who worked for a volunteer agency rather than a “dot com”, and then pointed out that she herself was a little upset that her current boyfriend wasn’t a “dot com billionaire”.

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Comments on “Even In Silicon Valley Women Are Searching For Men With Earning Potential”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Reality Check

Time for a reality check. Silicon Valley is not filled with dot-com billionaires. That’s about as accurate as saying that everyone in LA is a movie star or that everyone in New York is a Wall Street investment banker. What Silicon Valley is filled with are lots of guys from Asia and India who are on H-1B visas. I only mention nationalities here because I’m sure it’s not the dating pool that the gold-diggers expect.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Reality Check

Many of these H1-B guys finish their servitude here, many will stay, become citizens and go
back home to marry and bring their new wives back here. Many of the caucasian guys are
going to the Philippines and to a lesser extent Thailand to find a woman, the former
Soviet Union is becoming another destination but many of those women are single moms
which you can already get here.

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