Earthlink Hits User With $24,000 Fine

from the ouch dept

Apparently Earthlink has a 500MB/month bandwidth limitation. Perhaps “Cannibal Harry” should have checked that out before posting a large movie/advertisement on his site. It was downloaded many many many times, causing Harry to surpass his bandwidth allotment by quite a bit, and Earthlink is now sending him quite a bill. What I’m wondering is why Earthlink doesn’t have some sort of tripwire that causes them to contact the customer once the bandwidth allotment is passed. It seems a bit useless to let all that bandwidth go through, and then charge a $20/month user $24,000. Anyway, time to go check the bandwidth limitations on Techdirt…

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Comments on “Earthlink Hits User With $24,000 Fine”

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1 Comment
Spaz (user link) says:

.......his fault.

Well….I feel sorry for the guy, and you are right Mike [as usual (cough)].
But, as when I worked for an ISP…it is “clearly in your Terms of Service (TOS)…” and the company/ISP can charge him. Will he pay all of it? Ha. He could be sued and settle for less or #**#ch to the company and get it dropped down to a small fine/warning. I suprised that E/L has that much bandwidth and did not figure him for porn d/ls.

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