What Crash?

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Here’s an article about the state of venture capital (at the time of posting all the images on the page are broken). Basically, they say that there’s plenty of money out there, and VCs are still investing in all stages of internet companies. The only difference is now they’re being more careful and actually looking at what they’re investing in. Well, that’s good to hear. Honestly, I sometimes wonder why people are feel good that venture capitalists are suddenly concerned with business models. Shouldn’t this make you more worried? What were they interested in before? I think VCs are getting too much credit for being right all the time. They messed up big time with many investments over the past few years, and now that they’re suddenly “looking at business models” we’re supposed to be relieved? I am glad that they’re doing the right thing now, but you don’t see any venture capitalists taken to task for blowing a lot of the internet industry out of proportion over the past few years. Shouldn’t someone be pointing out that these investors were running the biggest pump-and-dump fraud scheme of them all?

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