Real Time Dennis Miller Translations To Your Cell Phone

from the useful-applications dept

If Britannica’s Annotated Dennis Miller (where they “translate” Dennis Miller’s obscure cultural and historical references from Monday Night Football) comes out too late to be useful to you, a new service promises to send Dennis Miller explanations to your cell phone in real time… or rather, as soon as they figure them out themselves. Sounds like a killer app to me… Of course, it’ll be useless once MNF boots Miller.

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Comments on “Real Time Dennis Miller Translations To Your Cell Phone”

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Ed Postmodern says:

Better Idea

If the current web site is any indication, these instant explanations are very shallow compared to the stuff. Does anybody not know what ‘taking it in on instruments’ means? Are they able to operate a cell phone? What makes DM amusing is that he’ll bring up, say, the Algonquin Round Table, and will have an entire dissertation about it the next day, not some one-liner.

But forget dumbing down Dennis Miller. How about instant answers for questions on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Oh wait, that’s not live. Never mind.

bob says:

Football Meatheads

I wouldn’t expect anyone to enjoy football and Dennis Miller’s comments. One or the other maybe … Each is in an entrely different league. I also doubt anyone that likes football would like (or understand) most of the references in a MST3K episode. Not to knock people who like football, everybody needs somethgin to do and it keeps them (the football people) away from the computer.

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