Digital Photography ATMs

from the cool dept

Digital Now has created a film negative processing system that doesn’t involve liquid chemicals, and can be used to create a photo processing kiosk where you can drop in film, tell it if you want prints or digitized versions of the film and your address. I’m a little confused by the article, though. At first I assumed it would let you drop in your film and get pictures printed out quickly (which would be really cool). However, if that’s the case, then I’m not sure why you would need to give it your address. So, I’m guessing, it just helps to process the film, and not the actual photos. I’m sure the quick printing is the next step in the process, though. Of course, by that time, perhaps digital cameras will be good enough that film will be much less important anyway. Update: Aha! Just as I suspected. Here’s a study saying that digital cameras are taking up a growing market share from regular cameras.

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