Ricochet Rolling Out More High Speed Cities

from the oooh-wireless-fun dept

Metricom today officially rolled out their high speed wireless Ricochet service in six new cities (bringing the total to eleven). If you don’t know, Ricochet is basically a completely wireless modem for your PC. No phone lines or anything. As a dedicated customer of their low speed service for over a year now I’ve been waiting for the wider rollout of high speed. One thing, though, is that with the new system, they’re selling it through retailers, and they seem to have priced it slightly higher than what I would have expected. To be honest, they really are competing with DSL and Cable to some extent, though it’s slightly slower (128k). The benefit is the wireless nature of it that lets you connect to the internet from anywhere (even in a car – which I’ve tried, and which really works). The problem, though, is that it’s priced at about twice what those other services cost. I’m not sure if enough customers are going to be willing to pay that sort of premium.

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