Latest Stephen King Installments Not Doing So Well

from the the-hype-doesn't-last dept

There was so much hype about Stephen King’s honor system policy for downloading his new book. However, it doesn’t seem to be sticking. The latest installments of the book are not doing so well. They have a few ideas as to what caused the problems, but I think a lot of it might have had to do with the hype, which was unsustainable. When, the first chapter was launched and everyone wanted to prove that it was a viable method, more people were willing to pay. But, once all that noise was made, no one cared as much any more, and more people are willing to just download the book for free. I’m interested to see if King actually stops writing the story if fans keep dropping the amount of payments on later installments.

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Comments on “Latest Stephen King Installments Not Doing So Well”

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mhh5 says:

what about the raffle-model?

I still don’t understand why the raffle model hasn’t been hyped. Or has it? I’m sure Mike will let me know if it has. Is it too much like gambling, so it’s a restricted business model? What’s the deal? It seems fair to me to offer people who pay for a copy the chance of obtaining something else. But I guess raffles don’t address any value or pricing issues really.

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