Fingerprinting Technology For Music Sharing Apps

from the but-will-it-work? dept

There are more and more articles these days about people or bands putting up “trojan horse” or fake versions of songs onto Napster and other files sharing applications in order to discredit them. Now, in response to that, a few different firms are working on special fingerprinting technologies that will verify that a song really is the song you’re looking for. It’s cool to see how technology is being used to solve each new roadblock. Of course, all of the current fingerprinting technologies seem to rely on building a large database of legitimate files to compare songs with. That’s a lot of work, that none of them have actually taken on yet.

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Comments on “Fingerprinting Technology For Music Sharing Apps”

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Ed Postmodern says:

fingerprinting useful for both sides of the fence uses some kind of fingerprinting in their beam-it program (probably just comparing samples at random points on a CD) to make sure that someone can’t beam a CD to their account without actually owning it. This is the kind of precaution they thought was in the best interests of the copyright holders, and it is, but apparently the RIAA and the music publishing industry would rather sue and try to stifle technological advances rather than work with them.

~Penguin~ says:


Having a cable connection i can say that if want a song, and end up downloading a fake version of it, it really isn’t that much trouble for me to delete it and go try again. What these people dont realize is that only the real songs will spread amoung users. How long would you keep a live bootleg of floyd’s darkside if once you played it found it to be a backstreet boys concert?

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